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What are the issues to be considered when you want to open a sock shop

if only shop, despite the different market, the focus will be different, taking into account factors also have a great difference, however, if you want to succeed, you need more attention in the details of the above factors, need to pay attention to the problem of nature is not a little bit. So, what do you want to open a sock shop to consider?

one, do monopoly problem

you want to do a lot of problems, if the monopoly, although the gross margin is high but there is no season that is wrong, 9-3 month is the peak season, and vice versa. Usually the existing sock store is to get lower and better goods through the relationship between manufacturers! Simple procurement certainly can not guarantee the quality and product phase, thus violating your brand strategy, and suppliers now store competition is also very powerful, the price and goods are very rich, unless you choose a good area, otherwise it will be great pressure.

two, the problem of the purchase channel

purchase channels, which is clearly the key to the opening of the sock shop, but also reminds now really worthy of the channel is king era. In view of the fact that many people are good at the use of superior Internet information, looking for the preferred channel to purchase Alibaba.

recommends that investors do not choose the socks shop trading companies, but looking for Guangdong, Zhejiang, Zhuji and other manufacturers to negotiate. Knowledge of product quality, market conditions and production. As a result of the purchase of goods do not have the advantage, so the negotiations in the process of long-term cooperation for reasons, will be able to get the lowest price.

three, market demand issues

why do you want to open a sock store?

socks are necessities of life, in addition to warm, socks in the eyes of many young people, especially young girls have become a decoration. In Shanghai always met with beautiful high streets and back lanes, socks to decorate their girls, summer denim skirt collocation a pair of sports shoes, a pair of colored or white socks, is full of vitality and youth; autumn, wear short boots or shoes girl often collocation a boots pants, then with a double barrel socks or socks in the lively nature at the same time, also added a woman; winter girls are more need to wear tights and stockings collocation boots, more feminine.

for men, socks are not so complicated, summer wear thin socks or stockings, spring and autumn and winter wear cotton socks, however, playing football or basketball boys need to be equipped with several pairs of sports socks, even in summer, wearing shorts and sneakers boys collocation a pair of white socks, but can absorb sweat it can show a sense of movement.

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