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We should discuss whether entrepreneurs should be smart

a successful brand, there must be a reason behind its success. A long time ago, there was a flaw in the soap packaging line used by unilever. They couldn’t sell the empty boxes to the customers, and they had to ask an automated postdoctoral student to design a plan to sort out the empty soap box.

cannot be viewed simply as Unilever and Southern small factory. Because postdoctoral may not think of the idea of high-power electric fan blowing, but this idea may not be suitable for Unilever’s requirements. There are Master   put forward, hundreds of thousands of although the cost of 90 yuan higher than the fan, but can ensure the detection rate of 100%, while the efficiency is high, the process did not affect the normal production line, will not bring harm to the production line. If the   method; blowing fan, although very effective, but may have a more serious problem: please look at the analysis as follows:

1   the process was disallowed in the empty box in the tumbling and mutual collision of unforeseen circumstances may produce the box, the non empty box shift or also knocked. This will cause a certain amount of interference in the subsequent steps of the production line (such as the impact of the subsequent automatic boxing), which may cause the entire production line to pause. In order to speed up the pace of Unilever, once an empty box flying chaos

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