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Take 5000 yuan gift money business a year later 160 times

college students a lot of entrepreneurs, many of whom are successful. When the general college students to their parents for money to buy clothes, pay tuition, students from the original Yang Hu Ruiwen opened the shop month turnover of nearly one million, enough to earn tuition, travel fees at the same time, also accumulated reserve funds for future business expansion.

School of Journalism and communication at Henan University

2013 in November Hu Ruiwen opened a shop on the Internet, specifically for this skin care products. At the end of last year, I found that there are a lot of celebrities and models began to speak for the brand, I have a hunch that this product may fire, decisively won the Zhengzhou general agent." Hu Ruiwen said confidently.

"special people worry girl, big, and her dad did not let me worry." Hu mother said, Rui Wen will bring them some unexpected surprise, she told us that when I and her father retired on the lead us together to travel around the world."


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