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Mother’s Day hero

first_imgMy wife is my hero. When I was diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma nearly five years ago, I didn’t know how long I had left to live, but I knew my wife would be at my side. She came with me to all of my appointments. She was there for me at my chemotherapy. She was there for me when I had radiation. She was there for me when they told me I wasn’t responding to treatment, and they didn’t know why. She was there for me with a shoulder to cry on and there for me to have someone with whom to cry. She was there for me when I was in the hospital. She would drop off our three small children and drive 120 miles round trip to spend a few hours with me, knowing this was the highlight of my day and knowing it was going to be pleasant. My wife is an incredible woman, a talented kindergarten teacher, a wonderful wife, an unbelievable mother and my best friend. Jeff Schleien Simi Valley Note to teenagers Be thankful for your mother, who carried you in her womb and felt you grow inside of her. As you grow into your teenage years, your mother still wants to protect you and love you. She over-worries about you, so she over-protects you. She over-protects you because she over-loves you. You don’t understand her love, so you get mad at her. You look at her with anger and say, “Mother, I hate you.” This breaks her heart. You say you hate her, but when she is gone, you will realize that no one else on Earth loves you like your mother. The day my own mother died is the day the sun stopped shining for me. Mother is warmth, mother is sweetness. Only God understands the depth of a mother’s love for her child. Hoa Thi Le Reseda Who knew? Re: “Medicare deadline week off” (May 9): I must be misunderstanding our government. I think they want to penalize those of us who do not need or want the Medicare prescription coverage at this time. I never would have dreamed that our Congress would penalize us, like we are children who have misbehaved, for not joining their program at this time. How dare they assume we have $66 lying around to pay for something we are not using. If only they presented a plan that if we did not want to use it at this time we would have the opportunity to sign at the first of the year or on our birthdays, as other insurance companies do. Who had this idea of the penalty part, I would like to know. Watch out, baby boomers, you are next. Barbara McNally West Hills MTA fares Re: ” MTA won’t raise fares for one year” (May 9): Bus Riders Union organizer Manuel Criollo claims the MTA has a “self-imposed budget crisis” when the truth is that it created the crisis itself over the past nine years. The MTA has all but depleted its reserve funds complying with consent decree orders resulting from the BRU’s constant complaints. Another BRU demand is to spend money earmarked for rail and freeways on bus service, ignoring the fact that the MTA does not deal with a single large pot of money. The budget includes state and federal funds earmarked for capital projects and the MTA is powerless to shift that money to bus operations. Kymberleigh Richards Public affairs director, Southern California Transit Advocates Tax break Re: “House approves $70 billion in tax cuts” (May 11): How can a $70 billion tax break be considered a “cost” according to your recent headline? It is an increase in revenues to taxpayers and businesses, all of which flows into the economy and almost always increases tax revenues flowing to the government. Remember, federal and state income and corporate tax receipts are skyrocketing after the Bush tax rate cuts in recent years. Tom Kerr Calabasas Offshore oil Re: “Cuba’s deal with China, India for oil drilling” (May 9): Let’s beat these oil-addicted Asian nations’ quest for offshore oil in the Straits of Florida. The U.S. should immediately cancel our nondrilling treaty with Cuba and approve the lease of these reserves to American producers. Let’s take the initiative in claiming these huge petroleum reserves for our nation. Gene Denney Granada Hills No President Jeb Re: “Bush brother denies presidential designs” (May 11): It was Jeb who killed this country. He did it when he directed Eva Braun (Kathleen Harris) to disregard fairness in the 2000 election when “W” was appointed dictator. Jeb could have forced Florida to figure a fair way to count the votes to get an uncontroversial outcome, but didn’t have the confidence that his team would win and wasn’t man enough to accept fair results. It is the Republican way to change the rules of the game if they are not winning. Republicans are not man enough to handle the truth if it does not favor them. Joel Gossman Los Angeles Channeling the river Re: “What changed?” (Your Opinions, May 2): Actually, the Los Angeles River is mostly underground. There were areas in pristine condition, but not many. In 1938, my home, near the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Colfax Avenue, was under water due to the L.A. River flooding. This area is the lowest point of the San Fernando Valley. Since that time, countless amounts of concrete have been deposited around the Valley, creating more runoff that must flow into the river channel. The flooding was not the first time, but it was the last. During the last 30 years, I have seen the water in the channel overflow five times. I hope you are now “unconfused.” Lisa Sarkin Studio City Don’t execute lunatics Re: “Moussaoui verdict” (Your Opinions, May 10): Maybe your other readers and I were watching different coverage of the Moussaoui trial. I saw a pathetic, deranged man whose delusions served to whip up the frenzy of Americans looking for a villain they could actually punish. Real villains were out of our reach, either because we couldn’t catch them (bin Laden et al.) or we had already tortured them and ruined our chances to put them on trial. So we loaded up both barrels and aimed at this poor lunatic who obviously had no involvement in any terror attack, except in his fevered imagination. No one can seriously believe this silly stooge was on a par with the truly frightening fanatics who did the deed. The jury was right not to sentence him to death. Americans don’t execute lunatics especially those who haven’t really done anything. Morris Schorr Woodland Hills Failed elected leaders Placing blame on Big Oil, the automakers, etc. for our current energy mess is misguided. Just like our immigration mess, blaming the illegal aliens is misguided as well. One need to look no further than our own federal government. They have failed to enforce antitrust laws against big oil companies, allowing monopolies. This is the same bunch who have failed to enforce our immigration laws. If oil companies had competition, the situation would be tolerable. When I think of Big Oil in the “alternative” fuel business, my stomach turns. Any start up alternative company can look forward to oil companies either buying them outright and shutting them down, or manipulating their price downward until the competition capitulates, all the while, our elected officials sit back and watch. Tom Fortune Canyon Country Elephant law Re: “Humane quarters right for elephants” (Their Opinions, May 8): Finally, someone gets it. Assemblyman Lloyd Levine wants to make sure that elephants, those majestic animals, are treated the way they should be enough space and no more bullhooks and chains. There ought to be a law and he is trying to make sure that it happens. Hurrah for him. 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