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Refreshed Acer C7 Chromebook gets more battery more RAM for 279

first_imgAcer has just announced that its C7 Chromebook is getting a much-needed spec bump. The original $199 model featured a less-than-capacious battery that was capable of running Chrome OS for just 3.5 hours — not enough for an operating system that’s all about mobility and the cloud.The new C7 configuration is much more robust, thanks to two key upgrades. The 6-cell, 5000mAh battery boasts twice as much capacity as its predecessor and should provide around seven hours of cord-free computing. Acer’s also bestowed the new C7 with a generous helping of memory. 4GB of RAM is now standard instead of 2GB.Horsepower-wise, things haven’t changed. The new C7 still runs the Intel Celeron 847 clocked at 1.1GHz. It’s nothing amazing but it’s a solid enough chip to provide better performance than what you’d get from Samsung’s ARM Chromebook — and just a step or two behind the 12.1-inch Samsung Series 5 (which runs a Celeron 867).One other item on the C7 spec sheet stands out: the 5400RPM 320GB hard drive. While that does give you a ton of additional offline space to store things like songs and movies, it’s also not in the same ballpark in terms of speed as the SSDs that other Chromebook models use. If you want a Chromebook that boots up in a flash (pardon the pun), the C7 isn’t for you.If, however, you’re looking for an highly portable, inexpensive laptop and are willing to trade local storage for speedy start-ups, the $279 Acer C7 might be worth a closer look. You’ll also snag yourself 100GB of Google Drive space free for two years and 12 free GoGo in-flight wireless sessions if you decide to pick one up.last_img read more

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