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Chief Education Officer admonishes teachers to be prepared.

first_imgChief Education Officer, Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth.The Ministry of Education has developed and published a Code of Ethics booklet as a guideline to teachers regarding their obligations and responsibilities to the profession.Chief Education Officer within the Ministry of Education Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth whilst addressing the opening ceremony of the annual Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation summer workshop yesterday morning, highlighted the Code of Ethics which he says should be used as a guide.“We believe that a teaching profession expects high standard of behaviour from its members, thats the first thing written there. And so we expect you teachers to behave in a certain way in and out of school because when you are out of school your students still look at you as a role model in the classroom, they emulate you, they follow you, they do like you.”Mr. Hyacinth also reminded the teachers of the significant role which they play in nurturing students and as such their behaviour both in and out of the classroom should be exemplary.“So within our school system we have students who emulate us, look at us and want to be like us and so we need to be role models to the students, we need to demonstrate a high level of behaviour in and out of school” he said.He further higlighted the need for teachers to ensure that they are always prepared, having spent time working on their lesson plans in order to effectively impart knowledge to their students.“The Code of Ethics says that we focus on choices that affect students opportunity to learn, place high value on and demonstrate a commitment to excellence, thats what is there,  that we must place high value on and demonstrate by showing, by letting it be part of our day to day activities; a commitment on excellence. Be always prepared as a teacher, be always prepared. I cannot understand, and I am hearing it being said that some teachers come to school without a lesson plan. I ask myself how can this be? How can you be infront of a class without a lesson plan? You must sit and mentally go through the processes of how am I going to deliver this concept so that all students in my class can learn? How am I going to reach this little boy at the back who is waiting for something today so that he can put his hand up and say miss I know the answer? How am I going to reach him? Not only the little bright girl at the front that may seem to ask all the questions all the time.” he said.According to Mr. Hyacinth, “teaching is a change in behavior from the known to the unknown” and the students will demonstrate to teachers when they have fully grasped a concept.“Some of us don’t teach we only reinforce the concepts that students know already, hence preparation of work is key thata  teacher should never go in front of a class without being prepared. You can go sewo for the whole weekend, but on Monday morning make sure you have your lesson plan when you go in front of the children in your classroom, you must. You must be prepared, and within that lesson plan there must be a variety of strategies because children do not learn in the same way and form and you need to know your students so that you can reach them in the manner that they can learn.Dominica Vibes News Share Sharing is caring! 47 Views   no discussions Tweetcenter_img Share EducationLocalNewsPrimarySecondary Chief Education Officer admonishes teachers to be prepared. by: – July 12, 2011 Sharelast_img read more

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