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Minister Releases Part One of Taser Review

first_imgThe first part of a ministerial review of the policies and use of conductive energy devices, commonly known as Tasers, was released today, March 5, by Justice Minister Cecil Clarke. The 42-page review contains data on the policies and procedures in Nova Scotia as well as information on how often conductive energy devices are used. The report notes that the number of Tasers in Nova Scotia, and their use, has increased. But, in the majority of cases, the mere presentation of the device was effective enough to calm someone challenging an officer. “This report is a provincewide snapshot of how often and where the Taser is being used, and is an excellent foundation for the panel,” said Mr. Clarke. The review also found that of the eight municipal police agencies, the RCMP, Correctional Services and Sheriff Services currently authorized to use Tasers, all have developed written policy and procedure for the use of conductive energy devices in accordance with provincial standards. Mr. Clarke also announced the next steps in the process. As part two of the review, he has struck an advisory panel to examine the report and address follow-up questions. The panel will examine policies and procedures and recommend whether any limits should be placed on Taser use. They will report back to Mr. Clarke by April 30 with advice and recommendations. Panel members are as follows: The review, Nova Scotia Conducted Energy Device Review, can be found on the Department of Justice website www.gov.ns.ca/just . Constance Glube, retired chief justice of Nova Scotia Ian Atkins, assistant commissioner, RCMP commanding officer Halifax Police Deputy Chief Tony Burbridge, chair of the national Conducted Energy Device Steering Committee Stan Kutcher, IWK/Maritime Outpatient Psychiatry, WHO Collaborating Centre in Mental Health Training and Policy Development – Dalhousie University Christopher Murphy, chair of Dalhousie sociology department and social anthropology Dr. Matthew Bowes, chief medical examiner, Nova Scotia Alice Almond, member of the Cape Breton Association for Safer Cape Breton Communitieslast_img read more

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